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november 7, 2014  |  Okategoriserade, Tjetjensk animation

” War. Linen from the past ”    by Asya Umarova


War. Linen from the past

Memories come to us regardless of our internal controls. As if they are hung with clothespins on display. You can’t cover or hide from them.

Our family was in Chechnya during the first and the second war. Because of the lack of electricity, we used kerosene lamps. A strong smell came from them. Unwittingly we had to inhale it.
I cannot stand this smell, from gasoline or diesel fuel. Therefore, I fell ill: i was sick and dizzy in the head.
With a kerosene lamp, we descended to the basement, when they were bombing heavily. The entire war, life was linked to this item.
I can’t forget the black soiled linen after air-raids. They were covered with a layer from burning oil wells, which were bombed. They reminded me of these kerosene lamps.

They live on in people’s memories like black sheets hung out on display.
Like black sheets, that are impossible to throw away or wash clean.
Eternal drying. Linen from the past – each one has their own.

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