Fredsdagen 21 September – dansa för freden med A Beat for Peace

september 9, 2012  |  Påverkansarbete

A Beat for Peace poster


På fredsdagen den 21 september är Svenska Freds med och arrangerar ett freds-lunch beat på kulturhuset: A Beat for Peace.


Nedan information från eventet på facebook:




DREAM: End War. End Suffering. Global Peace. Make It Now, And No Bullshit.

PROMISE: “One person’s dream is still nothing but a dream. Many people’s dreams are together the beginning of a new reality.”

The time for talk is over. Is it possible to turn a (maybe not so ordinary) lunch into something bigger? Can we actually have fun on our lunch break and at the same time take a small step towards a better tomorrow? Will you, our wonderful dancing community, you that have made Lunch Beat what it is today – take that one first dancing step!?We believe yes! We believe that together – we can make that difference!

PRACTICAL: Friday the 21st of September is the international peace day. We want to acknowledge this by organizing a special Lunch Beat – “A Beat For Peace.” A lunch where we donate all profit to charity organizations.

FOR WHO: The 21st of September Lunch Beat becomes a charity platform for two organizations that we really believe in. Organizations that spend their every day, hard at work to make our world a better place. We think they deserve more attention, appreciation, love, of course a shout out and a means to continue on:

Svenska Freds

Falling Whistles


LUNCH BY: Stories. Vegan & lactose free.
(for “gluten” free, contact Daniel Odelstad)

TIME: 12-13. Doors will open 11.40 at the latest.

PRICE: In order to raise as much money as possible for the cause, we have decided to set the ticket price to 150 SEK. For that you get lunch, disco and instant karma in one end, in the other you get to give less fortunate men, women and children a possibilty of a better life without war. The future is what we make it – that goes for all of us.

Door 150 SEK CASH in the door – with the possibility for extra donations at the venue. Karma points ♥

Online ticket 150 SEK – guaranteed lunch = better karma!

EXTRA: There will be a “Bag For Peace” for sale, online and at the venue. Price is set at 200 SEK and as with everything else, all profit will be donated to Svenska Freds and Falling Whistles.

RSVP: Please be honest in your RSVP status ♥ If you are not sure you’ll make it, just say ”Maybe” to help us minimize the number of un-eaten take-aways

DJ: Miss Dilemma
Emma Karlsson, aka Miss Dilemma (SWE), found her life changed from the moment she came upon a vinyl. She quickly understood that it was to be a lifelong love as the needle slid into its first groove. Since then, her trademark of technical fetishism and a total passion for electronic dance music has been discovered and loved by many.

Techno has, from the beginning, been at centerstage of her style. It fits her scatterbrain charm and lively personality with its melding of raw abrasive beats and its many funky elements. She uses a 3 deck setup, perfect for crazy mash-ups, and she fuses them with a true-hearted happiness and an exploding energy that draws you in and keeps you there. Or, as the international DJ Mag chose to phrase it: [Her mix has that] spellbinding-what-the-fuck-quality that would rip any floor apart.

She is currently one of the most frequently booked Swedish DJs. In addition to this, she also has had time to win the Tranzexperience DJ competition (FIN), has been one of the nominees of best techno night at Paranoia Awards (IND), has been ranked as nr 10 in ‘Scandinavia’s top 100 DJs- list’ and has won iDJ mag’s ”Raw Talent competition” (UK). She has also been one of 10 finalists in the Swedish DJ talent search, but that time she was playing house for a change.

Wherever or whatever she plays, her style is energetic, and regardless of if its hard or soft, a typical Miss Dilemma mix is recognizable by their high technical level and fresh take. These two things has become her signature trait together with a constant smile!



TICKETS: Link coming very soon!
For a guaranteed maximal experience (i.e. 100% sure of getting that sought after lunch) make sure to pre-pay your lunch! Please note the various ticket options, good karma packages available.


Additional information regarding donations:
We are hoping to be able to donate all the revenues on the 21st to the two organizations, but there are a few actual costs that need to be covered; food, venue, print, production, etc. As it looks now we need to guarantee how much will be donated. The numbers below are what will happen if we don’t get sponsors. If we do get sponsors that cover the fixed cost, all revenues will of course be donated to Svenska Freds and Falling Whistles.

PRICE: 150 SEK, of which at least 75 will be donated to Svenska Freds and Falling Whistles.

EXTRA: There will be a “Bag For Peace” for sale, online and at the venue. Price is set at 200 SEK, of which at least 100 will be donated to Svenska Freds and Falling Whistles.

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